The Bust of Aaron Rodgers

Cast of characters:

  • Torgeir and Roar, Norwegian brothers on the Netflix series “Lilyhammer”
  • Laurence – A former French co-worker in Chicago; my age-ish, and great!

Historical context:

  • I have been binge watching Lilyhammer the past week.  Funny show… you should check it out!
  • Love me some rice!
  • Yellow is my favorite color.

The dream:

This dream was super short and sweet.  I was standing in the parking lot of Lambeau Field, home of the Packers, in Green Bay, Wisconsin (OK, technically in Ashwaubenon).  The parking lot was snowy, but it had been plowed, and it was sunny outside.  Torgeir and Roar were with me, and we were the only ones in the parking lot.  Torgeir was wearing a green sweatshirt with “Green Bay Packers” written in yellow pacman-esque letters.  He was wearing an open winter jacket over the top.  I know that Roar was there, but I don’t remember what he was wearing.  We were in the parking lot, because Torgeir and Roar had entered a competition that was about to start in the parking lot.  What type of competition, you ask?  Well, it was a competition to build a statue (or a bust, rather – mid-chest and up) of Aaron Rodgers using nothing more than sticky rice and soy sauce.  All of a sudden, Laurence was there, wearing my favorite yellow sundress.  Then, suddenly, she wasn’t wearing the sundress anymore, but instead was bundled up in outdoor winter clothes.  She was there to supervise their Aaron-Rodgers bust building.

The end.


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