Reoccurring dreams

As I enter new blog entries, watch for some of my reoccurring dreams.

Former reoccurring dreams:

  • When I was really little, I had a reoccurring dream that I was standing in the middle of the football field at Waterloo Fireman’s Park in Waterloo, WI, in the middle of the night.  All of a sudden I would hear a loud rumbling noise and would notice this gigantic sleeping bag (we’re talking about a rolled-up sleeping bag about three stories tall) rolling towards me.  It rolled after me as I ran towards the end zone, and eventually it caught up to me.  Right when it was about to roll over me, I always woke up.
  • Ahhhh, plane crash dreams.  These are dreams I would rather forget.  I had reoccurring plane crash dreams from about 1996 until a few years ago.  I would always be at the airport, ready to board a flight that I knew was going to crash.  I didn’t want to board, but I knew that I had to.  At take off, we would never gain enough altitude.  Eventually, we would start crashing to the ground, and I always remember seeing power lines and trees tops out of the airplane window.  Right before we would crash, I would wake up.

Current reoccurring dreams:

  • Sheri T., one of my high school classmates and friends that I haven’t seen since about 1998, appears in my dreams at least a couple times per month… way more often than anyone else.  I have’t spoken with her in probably 15 years, and yet she pops up in my dreams all the time.  Watch for Sheri T. dreams!  They’re always amusing. 🙂
  • Math class dreams.  I often dream that I show up to a high school math class to learn that I have a final exam, and I haven’t done any of the lessons to prepare for it all semester.  If I don’t pass the exam, I won’t graduate.  Funny that this is one of my serious anxiety dreams, given that I was a straight A math student and NEVER missed a homework assignment.
  • Riding around on a tram, lost in Amsterdam.  I always seem to be lost in the Southwestern part of the city.  I go in circles, passing the same buildings over and over.
  • Riding on a bus/train through the mountains of Switzerland with any variety of people.  I’m always looking down into a valley at an idyllic village.
  • Riding on a bus up a huge hill that gets more and more steep the higher up the hill we get.  Eventually, the hill gets so steep that the bus flips over backwards and crashes to the bottom of the hill.
  • Dreams about missing flights.  I have these too often.  Definitely stress dreams, and completely relevant given my career.  I dream that I realize that I have an international flight that leaves in less than an hour and a) I haven’t packed, b) I can’t find my passport, c) somebody steals my purse at the airport, etc., etc.  Ugh.  Oddly, these dreams seem to take place in Scandinavian countries (Iceland, Norway, etc.).
  • Tornadoes.  White tornadoes.  Gray tornadoes.  Black tornadoes.  These tornado dreams usually occur some place in rural Wisconsin.  I saw one tornado in my life, from my front yard in Waterloo when I was 8 years old.  That tornado eventually tore the roof off of my school.  It scared the crap out of me and has haunted me in my dreams ever since.
  • Dreams about shattering my teeth or my teeth falling out.  Yuck yuck yuck… the worst dreams!  Whenever I have teeth dreams, I’m either spitting my shattered teeth into my hands or holding my teeth that have fallen out.  Disturbing.

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