Cast of characters

As new people appear in my dreams, I will update the list below.  All names are listed in alphabetical order by first name.

Albert – My head guide while on safari in Tanzania in October 2012.  The best!

Amy P. – I met Amy my freshman year of college at the UW-Madison in 1996.  I lived with her for two years during college, and she’s been one of my best friends ever since.  She currently lives in Madison.  Miss her!

Becky – One of my best friends from study abroad in Bonn, Germany, in 1999.  Lives in Huddersfield, England.

Cardinal Jessica – One of my BFFs who I met about 12 years ago.  She was the door girl at the best bar in the world, the Cardinal Bar, in Madison, WI, where I spent a large portion of my time in the mid-2000s.  We both then moved to Chicago.  She now lives in Minneapolis.

Connie –  Aunt Connie… actually my second cousin’s husband’s sister who lives in Illinois.  I met Aunt Connie at a family party in Missouri in July 2013.

Dad – My father, who lives in Waterloo, WI.

Dougie – An Australian friend of my friend, Alison, who I met in Chicago during Summer 2013.  Fun guy!

Drew J. – Husband of my BFF, Jess J.  Father of my godson.  Cool dude who likes Phish.  Lives in Madison, WI.

Eddie – My first Chicago roomie who I found on Craigslist 7 years ago.  I don’t see him very often anymore (he’s in Chicago, I’m in DC), but he’s one of those friends that will always be there… one of my favs.

Jackie – A current co-worker in DC… the “dark-haired ginger.”

Jan and Harry – Two clients with whom I traveled to Bhutan in October 2013.

Jessica F. – A good friend who I’ve know since the late 1990s.  My roommate in Madison, WI, for 2.5 years.  I see Jessica when I’m back in the Midwest.  Lives in suburban Minneapolis.

Jess J. – BFF since 1999.  Met during study abroad in Bonn, Germany.  Mother of my godson.  I visit Jess as often as I can when in Madison, WI.

Jessica S. – A current coworker in DC.

Kristiyan – The 20-year-old, Bulgarian lifeguard at my pool in Arlington, VA, this summer.  He’ s like my little Bulgarian brother from another mother.

Laurence – A former French co-worker in Chicago; my age-ish, and great!

Maddie – Jess J. and Drew J’s daughter.  Little sister to my godson.  Cute as a button!

Mark – Friend and one-time roommate in Madison, WI.  Godfather to my godson.  Overall great guy.

Max – A good friend and former colleague who lives in Burma.  I haven’t seen him since 2008 but keep up with him online.

Michele – Met during study abroad in Bonn, Germany.  We keep in good contact.  Cool chick.  Lives in suburban Madison, WI.

Molly – A current co-worker in DC.

Mom – My mother, who lives in Waterloo, WI.

Nacho – My girls and I met Nacho and his friends in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, while on vacation in 2013.  He’s one of the nicest people on the planet, and he lives in Guadalajara.

Robin – My older sister, who lives in Chicago, IL.

Sarah M. – A current co-worker in DC.

Sheri T. – A high school classmate and friend.  I haven’t seen her for at least 15 years, but she appears in my dreams more than anyone else!

Virginia – The best (and my former) stylist in Chicago.  She’s one year and one day younger than me.


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