Close Quarters

Cast of characters:

  • Jess J. – BFF since 1999.  Met during study abroad in Bonn, Germany.  Mother of my godson.
  • Drew J. – Husband of my BFF, Jess.  Father of my godson.  Cool dude.
  • Mark – Friend and one-time roommate.  Godfather to my godson.  Overall great guy.
  • Michele – Met during study abroad in Bonn, Germany.  We keep in good contact.  Cool chick.

Historical context:

  • Ummm… not much.  Lum Ave. holds no particular place in my heart.  Piggly Wiggly does, however.
  • I miss my friends in Madison.

Last night’s dream:

So last night’s dream was very quick and pretty uneventful.  Jess and Drew lived in their same house in Madison, but their street in Madison was actually Lum Ave. behind Piggly Wiggly in Waterloo.  Evidently everyone was trying to move closer to Jess and Drew.  Michele had just bought a house next door… a raised ranch with an old deck overlooking Piggly Wiggly.  She had an old 1970s fishing boat in the back yard, and there was a black and white cat slipping in and out of view in the grass around the boat.

While talking with Michele on her deck, she pointed out a small, angular, and cramped house on the other side of Drew and Jess’s house.  She explained that Mark has just bought that house.  I was stunned and asked her why the hell Mark would give up his nice, luxury condo in downtown Madison to move into that little house.

Done. 😉


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