Lavender Snow Pants and Tunnel Robots

Cast of characters:

  • Jess J. – BFF
  • Maddie – Jess’s 4-year-old daughter.
  • Tunnel robot
  • Random extras (one with popcorn)
  • Me

Historical context:

  • Reoccurring dream! – Being late for a flight and rushing to get to the airport.
  • I miss Jess and Maddie.
  • I’m going to San Francisco at the end of the month.
  • I watch lot of crime dramas on tv that utilize two-way mirrors during interrogations.
  • No connection to lavender-colored snow pants, tunnels, or robots, per se.

Last night’s dream:

Surprise… three nights in a row with mentions of Jess.  Guess we know who’s in my thoughts. 🙂  This dream was definitely anxiety ridden.  I  haven’t been sleeping well at all.  The dream started as I was standing in the middle of Jess’s living room.  It wasn’t her real living room.  This was a HUGE room raised at least a story above ground level, overlooking a birch forest in the middle of winter, facing West.  It was carpeted in tan carpet and had brown wood paneling on all of the walls (anyone remember the brown and tan Ford Explorer from last night?).  The ceiling was a cathedral ceiling, about two stories tall, with a brown wooden ceiling fan at the top.  It was completely empty other than for a bunch of random cloths and toys strewn across the floor.  I looked over into the other room behind me, which was about three steps up from the living room.  Jess was standing there and told me not to forget the lavender snow pants that she bought for me.  I then remembered that my flight to San Francisco was leaving in less than an hour, and I was late.  A duffel bag magically appeared in my hands, and I knelt down on the floor to start packing.  I first packed my lavender snow pants, and then started shoving some of the other random crap into my bag.  It would not all fit.  I kept trying to shove stuff in, but the bag was too full.

Suddenly, I was not in the middle of the floor with my duffel bag anymore.  Rather, I was standing along the North wall of the living room.  There was a light pink curtain hanging over a portion of the wall.  Maddie suddenly appeared, wearing a horizontal striped red, white, pink, and turquoise shirt, and bubblegum pink pants.  She pulled the curtain aside to reveal a black tunnel leading out of the living room.  I went in, of course, and all of a sudden there were a handful of other people with me in the blackness.  We followed the tunnel East for a few dozen yards, when we game to a giant window into another brightly-lit white room.  It turned out to be a two-way mirror, not a window.  We could see into the white room, but anyone in the room could not see out into the tunnel.  Suddenly, a gigantic, silver, man-shaped robot appeared with a black face mask.  He started to smash his head against the mirror, over and over again.  The mirror glass started to crack, and we all started running away down the tunnel.  The robot finally broke through the glass and started chasing after us.  One lady flew her arms up while running and spilled a bunch of popcorn into the blackness.

The end!


4 thoughts on “Lavender Snow Pants and Tunnel Robots

    • Yeah, I was telling Jess that she had a little smirk on her face as she pulled back the curtains. I don’t think she was scary in my dream. But maaaaybe she was just a little bit devious. 😉

  1. This is one really weird dream!

    One recurring dream I used to have is that someone was chasing me down dark streets in a city. Then I would come up to my locker and didn’t have enough lunch tickets to eat lunch. Talk about weird.

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