Return to Rochester

Cast of characters:

  • Molly – A current co-worker in DC.
  • Molly’s “mom”

Historical context:

  • I was a Program Director at Camp Lucerne in central Wisconsin the summer after my freshman year of college.
  • Molly sometimes accompanies me on my drives home to the Midwest over the holidays.  I drop her off in Toledo so she can head home to Detroit.
  • I dropped my valet key in between my center console and my car seat last week when dropping my car off at the garage next to work.  When I got home, I spent about 15 minutes looking for the key with a flashlight.  The next day, I spent about 30 more minutes looking for the key.  I haven’t found it yet, and it’s driving me nuts.
  • I have zero connection to Rochester, New York.
  • You all may use Kayak, but I still default to Expedia when looking for airfare. 😉

The dream:

Sorry, Guys.  It’s been a long time since I posted last.  I need to get this back on my radar.  Truth be told, it’s been a hectic few months, and I don’t think I’ve been getting the same quality of sleep as I’m used to.  Thus, I really haven’t been dreaming too much lately.  But I had a dream a couple nights ago, so let’s get back to business…

So this dream was full of anxiety, once again.  But it did have a bit of humor rolled into it at the end. 🙂

My dream started at Camp Lucerne, which was located in a forest outside of Rochester, New York.  In my dream, I was my current self at my current age, and I was staying at a cabin at the camp.  The cabin was made of slate gray wood with a flat roof and located in a grove of tall old oak trees.  The bark of the oak trees was gray, and the leaves were the yellow-green of early spring.  The ground – coated with old leaves, sticks, and dirt – was gray.  I walked into the cabin, bundled up in gray and black winter clothes, and looked across the several gray cots and dusty dressers.  I grabbed my favorite cognac-colored handbag (you know the one!) off a gray coffee table in the center of the room, and walked out the door.  I was leaving to drive home to Detroit with Molly.

All of a sudden, we were at Molly’s house in suburban Detroit.  I’ve never been there, so I don’t know what it really looks like.  But in my dream, it had 1970s wood paneling on the walls (it was gray), and all of the things in the house were muted… grays, tans, etc.  All of a sudden, I realized that I had left my keys in the cabin at Camp Lucerne outside of Rochester (forget the fact that I must have used my keys to drive to Detroit).  I usually dream that I lose my purse, but this time, I left my keys behind.  I started freaking out and knew that I had to fly back to Rochester to get my keys so that I could drive from Detroit back to Rochester.  Yeah, confusing.  Molly let me borrow a laptop in her Dad’s office, and I started to look at flights from Detroit to Rochester on Expedia.  All of a sudden, I was sitting at a desk in Molly’s parents’ kitchen, looking up flights on a desk top computer.  I started to cry.  Then Molly’s mom came over to me, and she was a short and round Latina mom, wearing a royal blue sweater and gray tinted glasses with a beaded glasses chain around her neck.  (I’ve met Molly’s mom, and she is neither short nor round nor Latina.)  She gave me a big hug, patted me on the back, and told me it would be OK.  I was so happy to hug her, because she made me feel better. 🙂

The end.


Shoes in a Food Court


Since my dream last night was not very substantial, I thought I’d take this opportunity to publish my very first GUEST DREAM POST!  Yes, there are others who’d like to share.  This dream comes via my awesome second-cousin-by-marriage, Nancy, who lives in Madison, WI.  When she texted her dream to me last week, it made me laugh out loud on the Metro on my way to work.  I wasn’t laughing at the dead kitten part… just at the absurdity of the dream as a whole, especially the end.  Plus, you just have to know Nancy.  She cracks me up. 🙂

Nancy’s dream last week, in her words:

“Was still living in my childhood home, but apparently staying down the street with Wrigley, our dog.  We are staying in a brick house I always wanted to see the inside of, but had never been in.  I went out the front door to walk up to my real house and I could hear a cat meowing…there was one in the basement window of the neighbor’s house.  Since there was no glass in the window (???) I called to the cat and it came towards me and then stopped and licked its dead kitten that was lying in some snow.  It had a collar on and I suspected the neighbors were keeping it against its will.  I had to lay down in the snow to read the number on the collar.  Since they were really tiny I HAD TO PUT MY GLASSES ON!  Now Wrigley gets out the front door that I had left open and trots off up the street.  I am frantic that she will cross the street.  Cut to me in a food court winding my way through the tables and trying not to trip over all the shoes littering the floor.  BAM!”

OK, so I just laughed again after reading it.