Shoes in a Food Court


Since my dream last night was not very substantial, I thought I’d take this opportunity to publish my very first GUEST DREAM POST!  Yes, there are others who’d like to share.  This dream comes via my awesome second-cousin-by-marriage, Nancy, who lives in Madison, WI.  When she texted her dream to me last week, it made me laugh out loud on the Metro on my way to work.  I wasn’t laughing at the dead kitten part… just at the absurdity of the dream as a whole, especially the end.  Plus, you just have to know Nancy.  She cracks me up. 🙂

Nancy’s dream last week, in her words:

“Was still living in my childhood home, but apparently staying down the street with Wrigley, our dog.  We are staying in a brick house I always wanted to see the inside of, but had never been in.  I went out the front door to walk up to my real house and I could hear a cat meowing…there was one in the basement window of the neighbor’s house.  Since there was no glass in the window (???) I called to the cat and it came towards me and then stopped and licked its dead kitten that was lying in some snow.  It had a collar on and I suspected the neighbors were keeping it against its will.  I had to lay down in the snow to read the number on the collar.  Since they were really tiny I HAD TO PUT MY GLASSES ON!  Now Wrigley gets out the front door that I had left open and trots off up the street.  I am frantic that she will cross the street.  Cut to me in a food court winding my way through the tables and trying not to trip over all the shoes littering the floor.  BAM!”

OK, so I just laughed again after reading it.


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