Little Blonde Me’s

Cast of characters:

  • Becky – One of my best friends from study abroad in Bonn, Germany, in 1999.  Lives in Huddersfield, England.
  • Two little blonde boys.
  • Me

Historical context:

  • There’s a picture of me at maybe around 2.5 years old, that was taken at Sears’ or JC Penney’s photo studio in the early ’80s.  I was wearing a plaid and white outfit of some sort and holding a fake red rose.  I had bright, strawberry blonde hair and a big ol’ grin.  This is how I always see myself as a toddler.
  • My great-grandfather’s name was Leo, and I love the name.
  • No significant context for the name Elliott.
  • I want kids.  Don’t have any yet.
  • Becky has two little sons.
  • I have been to my friend Ryan and Amy’s house in Madison, WI, once, maybe twice.  I remember the island in their kitchen.
  • I’ve never been to Becky’s house in Huddersfield.

Post killer-catfish dream a few nights ago:

OK, so I forgot to tell you!  I had another dream after my killer-catfish dream that I wrote about a couple posts ago…

I was sitting on a stool and leaning on the island in Becky’s kitchen in Huddersfield.  The kitchen was actually Ryan and Amy’s kitchen, but in Becky’s house.  The kitchen cabinets were made of oak, and the kitchen was warmly lit.  It was dark outside.  Becky was standing on the other side of the island and digging in the refrigerator.  We were talking casually, when two little blonde boys ran up to me.  I picked them both up and put them on my lap.  They were my sons, and they looked just like me when I was little… strawberry blonde hair, fair skin, and big blue eyes.  Elliott was three, and Leo was two.  I gave them kisses and loved them so much at that moment.  As they sat on my lap, I continued talking to Becky.  And then an uneasy feeling started passing through me.  I said to Becky, “Becky, I don’t remember getting married.”  She gave me a strange look, and then tried to change the subject.  Then I said, “I don’t remember having these children.”  Becky looked at me, looking sad.  Then it clicked; these weren’t my sons, they were Becky’s.  I was so sad.

Boo.  All stress dreams this week.


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