Tornadic Activities

Cast of characters:

  • A handful of random clients.
  • Me

Historical context:

  • Reoccurring dream… tornadoes!
  • I work with clients, all day, every day.
  • Sun Prairie is a medium-sized town near my home town of Waterloo, WI.
  • I visited the Institute for Underwater Archaeology in Istanbul, Turkey, for work last year.
  • Hilary was one of my best friends while growing up in Waterloo.
  • I handle operations in both Tanzania and South Africa.
  • I’m still known to write my phone number on a piece of paper for people, rather than having them just enter it into their phones. ūüôā
  • I like to ride bikes.

Last night’s dream:

To continue a trend, last night’s dream was anxiety ridden. ¬†Ahhhh… tornadoes. ¬†So I was sitting in Hilary’s house, which was located in Sun Prairie instead of Waterloo. ¬†It wasn’t an accurate depiction of Hilary’s house, though it had some similar features, notably, the two-story tall ceiling and cedar rafters. ¬†Initially, I was sitting among a bunch of my clients. ¬†We were all sitting and waiting for someone to give a presentation. ¬†There was a podium in the southwest corner of the room, against the south and west walls, which had windows from floor to ceiling. ¬†There was a small little woods immediately outside the windows, with the town visible beyond. ¬†The trees were bare, and it was winter, though there was no snow. ¬†The room we were in was one story above ground level. ¬†Suddenly, everyone else in the room had disappeared, except for me and two older women. ¬†We walked over to the podium and looked out the windows to the West. ¬†The trees were now gone, and we looked out towards an open golden field. ¬†The sky was gray, and then, out of nowhere, two whitish-gray tornadoes appeared. ¬†The tornadoes were headed straight for us, but we stayed by the windows. ¬†The tornadoes disappeared, and in their place, this gigantic, silvery blob appeared in the middle of the sky. ¬†The blob was morphing into different shapes, and we wondered what it was. ¬†We thought maybe it was an alien. ¬†It started approaching us at a high rate of speed, and right before it slammed into the windows, we ducked for cover onto the floor. ¬†As soon as the blob slammed into the windows, we realized that it was a big blob of rain, and then it started pouring outside.

All of a sudden, the two women and I were standing in the hallway with the other people from the meeting, taking a break. ¬†The hallway was supposedly right outside the room that we had been sitting in when the big rain blob hit the windows; however, the hall was an accurate depiction of the second-floor hallway at the Institute of Underwater Archaeology in Istanbul. ¬†We were all mingling in the hallway, drinking water from the water cooler out of little Dixie cups. ¬†I was talking to some guy, who had traveled with us to Tanzania and who was now interested in traveling with us to South Africa. ¬†I wrote my phone number on a little piece of paper so that he could call me if he had any questions. ¬†Suddenly he was gone, so I started wandering down the hall to the East, trying to find him. ¬†The hall got darker the farther I walked. ¬†Then the two women appeared before my eyes, and they said that they were running late and had to get home to Waterloo right away. ¬†They didn’t know if the bus would be coming to take them home. ¬†I said that it was no problem and that I could take them home to Waterloo, since I was going back there anyway. ¬†I seemed to be riding home on a bike, but there was plenty of room on the bike for them, if they wanted.

The end.


2 thoughts on “Tornadic Activities

  1. I HATE tornado dreams! They used to be one of my top 3 recurring nightmares–up there with witches in the attic and kidnappers in the backyard (when I had to go feed the dog in the dark). At least yours include nice little montages of the beautiful places you’ve been!

  2. Tornado dreams are my scariest. I usually wake up in a state of panic, right before the tornado hits me. It is crazy how many historical references show up in my dreams. I never really noticed before. Anyway, hoping that your dreams stay tornado, witch, and kidnapper-free! ūüėČ

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