Lamborghinis in Rwanda

Cast of characters:

  • Jessica F. – Longtime friend and former roommate in Madison, WI.
  • Random men in suits.
  • Me

Historical context:

  • I visited Rwanda in October 2012.
  • I would never park somewhere where I might get a ticket.
  • I have no particular affinity towards Lamborghinis.

Last night’s dream:

It was a bright and sunny day in Rwanda.  I was not in any particular city; just in a big bustling city in Rwanda.  I was standing on a frontage road/street that ran alongside a main road.  There were men everywhere dressed in conservative, drab suits, walking here and there at a quick pace.  The curbs were crumbling.  The stores were accurate… open-front stores with the goods set out on display on the sidewalks.  There was a big box of black shoes in front of one store.  All of a sudden I was in a car, driving up and down the frontage road, looking for a place to park.  I couldn’t find a legal place to park anywhere.  When I’d get to a T in the road, I’d turn around in a parking lot and go back to the other end of the street.  Back and forth, back and forth.  I finally called Jessica F. on my cell phone while I was driving.  I told her that I couldn’t find a place to park.  She told me to come back to the East end of the street, and when I got there, I could see that she had a place to park in a parking lot.  She was with four guys in suits in a maroon Lamborghini.  The Lamborghini was actually an old, 1980s, dull-looking, 4-door sedan, but in my dream, it was a Lamborghini.  I couldn’t believe that Jessica was in a Lamborghini!  Though the parking lot was empty except for the Lamborghini, I couldn’t park there for some reason.


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