Grand Cathedrals in Iowa

Cast of characters:

  • Maxtastic of the Burma
  • Aunt Connie… actually my second cousin’s husband’s sister who lives in Illinois.  I met Aunt Connie at a family party in Missouri in July 2013.

Historical context:

  • None

The dream:

Since my trip to Bhutan last month, I haven’t written about any of my dreams.  Life has been busy!  Time to catch up.  Nothing better to do at the moment, since I thought I’d be watching the Packers/Giants game right now, but instead, Fox is showing the 49ers/Saints game.  WTH?

So I had a strange dream a couple weeks ago.  I was sitting on the white marble steps in front of a grand cathedral.  The steps were shallow and very wide, and there were hundreds of steps leading up to the white Cathedral.  The cathedral looked like the Sacre Coeur in Paris, and the steps were more like the Spanish Steps in Rome.  But I was in Iowa.  It was a bright and sunny day with a bright blue sky.  There were people everywhere; sitting on the steps, walking up and down the steps, etc.  Max was sitting on the steps about half way up, and I sat down next to him.  Then I realized that I had forgotten something in the cathedral, so I ran up the steps and went inside.  It was very dark and gloomy in the cathedral, and I was the only one inside.  The only light was candle light coming from a few candles here and there.  I walked through different passageways, looking in different nooks and crannies.  Connie came around a corner and said that I should go back outside.  So I did.  I went back to sit next to Max.  He was eating hard french fries that had hollow tubes down the middle.  He shared some with me.  They tasted good.

The end!


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